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Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s Decorative Concrete

Concrete has been used in construction projects for millennia. In fact, its use goes all the way back to 6500 BCE. Concrete is a composite material made from a mix of water and a combination of sand, stone, and cement. It's a versatile construction material for interior and exterior projects. But its versatility doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Concrete has come a long way since prehistoric times. Today, Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s decorative concrete applications are ideal, cost-effective solutions for commercial landscapes. See for yourself why you should invest in decorative concrete for your landscaping needs.

Decorative Concrete Is Synonymous with Longevity

One of the main reasons we’re still using concrete in our construction projects after all these years is because of its durability. It’s one of the most durable pavement materials out there. A concrete patio, for instance, can withstand the pressure of an entire outdoor kitchen without cracking.

Concrete is also resistant to corrosion, fire, and the harshest of weather conditions. In fact, there are very few things concrete can’t withstand. Seal your concrete with an abrasion-resistant coating for extra protection against blemishes. Slip-resistant coatings can keep your customers safe year-round!

Evergreen Landscape Management LLC Commercial Decorative Concrete

Concrete Overlays Are Sustainable

Environmentally-conscious business owners are always thinking about the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. If you’re looking to transform your commercial floors, why not reuse what you already have and reduce your carbon footprint? Decorative concrete overlays are applied directly over your existing concrete. How's that for efficient? Concrete is even recyclable. That’s right—old concrete can be broken down and mixed anew for a separate construction project!

Stamped Concrete Costs Less Than Other Flooring Materials

If you want the look of natural stone, but don’t like its price tag, stamped concrete is an ideal alternative. By hiring an experienced contractor, you get an affordable flooring solution you’ll love. Your guests will hardly notice the difference!

Decorative Concrete Is Easy to Clean

Whether you choose a concrete stain or stamped concrete, maintenance is easy. Decorative concrete surfaces are resistant to chemical spills and other debris for a look that lasts. Simply hose down your patio and be amazed at how clean it stays.

Beautiful and Versatile Design Is Simple

Every business owner should love their space. Decorative concrete offers the ultimate design flexibility to give you the space you want. From smooth surfaces to textured finishes, you can add depth to your landscaping. Discover the potential of decorative concrete.

Acid Stain Concrete: Can imitate the look of wood, natural stone or even marble. Unlike paint, it won’t peel or fade, which makes it ideal for walkways that see a lot of traffic.

Stamped Concrete: Imprint specialized molds on damp concrete. These molds can imitate brick, sandstone, tiles and more. Enjoy a unique finish that looks just like the real material.

Concrete Overlays: Add a one-of-a-kind touch to patios, walkways and other exterior surfaces. With flawless faux finishing, we can turn plain surfaces into a beautiful work of art.

Boost your curb appeal with affordable, low-maintenance decorative concrete. Contact Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s experts today to learn more.