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One of the best ways to maintain a healthy and robust lawn for your commercial property is to aerate your yard. Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of grass, thatch and soil using a yard aerator. These cores are usually around two to three inches deep and about the circumference of an index finger. After passing the lawn plug aerator machine over your yard, the cores are left to decompose, returning their nutrients to the soil. Evergreen Landscape Management LLC recommends annual aeration in the spring or fall to improve lawn quality and beauty. To explain why this process is essential for your commercial property, Evergreen Landscape Management LLC has written out five benefits of lawn aeration.

Using a Lawn Aerator Improves Soil Structure

Over time, your soil becomes compacted by foot-traffic, heavy rains and the natural effects of gravity. Compacted soil prevents water, air and nutrients from moving beneath your lawn’s surface. Core aeration reduces compaction, allowing the soil to breathe. By doing so, it improves nutrient circulation. Core aeration also breaks down thatch to improve soil quality. Thatch, a layer of decaying grass and roots between your lawn and the soil, impedes water absorption.

Evergreen Landscape Management LLC Commercial Aeration

Soil Aeration Reduces Water Consumption and Decreases Wastewater

Using a lawn core aerator increases the soil’s ability to absorb water. This means you’ll spend less time and money watering your lawn. And, since aerated soil retains much more moisture, it helps reduce water runoff. Soil aeration not only improves resource use but also protects plants from disease-carrying water runoff. Between decreased wastewater and less water consumption, lawn aeration is a necessity for business owners who want to go green.

Soil Aeration Promotes Healthy Plant Growth

Improved soil quality means improved turf. When your soil can absorb and store nutrients, your plants get the food they need to thrive. As a result, annual soil aeration improves the effectiveness of fertilizer. As a bonus, by allowing the cores to decompose right there on your lawn, you return their nutrients to the soil. If your lawn is looking sparse, aeration promotes new growth in the spaces left behind from the plugs.

Soil Aeration Helps with Insect and Weed Control

Insect infestation and weed overgrowth can ruin the look of your lawn. Core aeration improves lawn health to prevent these infestations from becoming a problem. It's a great way for busy business owners to reduce their property’s long-term maintenance needs. If you’re concerned about using herbicides and pesticides, soil aeration helps reduce their needs in the first place.

Using a Core Aerator Gives You a Thicker, Greener Lawn

In combination with fertilization, core aeration gives you a fuller, more vibrant landscape. Not only will your grass be healthier, it will also be thicker and greener. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to get a lush lawn that will make your competitors jealous, invest in annual soil aeration.

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