Evergreen Landscape Management LLC Commercial Xeriscaping
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Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s Xeriscaping

When it comes to your commercial landscaping, you want to make a good impression on clients. But you also want low-maintenance solutions. Xeriscaping is a form of sustainable landscape design. It uses drought tolerant plants in creative ways to conserve water and give you greenery that will thrive no matter the season.

Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s xeriscape designs begin by considering your property’s climate and soil conditions. By choosing the right plants, you get a vibrant landscape no matter the season. Xeriscape landscaping offers many financial and functional advantages. Here are five benefits of Evergreen Landscape Management LLC’s sustainable landscape design services:

Xeriscape Landscaping Lowers Water Usage

Water is a precious resource. The main draw of xeriscaping is that it uses up to 75% less water than traditional landscaping. It does so through two principles: choosing drought tolerant plants and limiting lawn services. Lawns consume an incredible amount of water. This is especially true in the summer months. By replacing greenery with drought-tolerant plants, you’ll see significant savings in utility costs. Water conservation isn’t just great for the environment, it’s great for business too!

Evergreen Landscape Management LLC Commercial Xeriscaping

Low-Maintenance Xeriscape Plants Save You Money

Commercial property owners enjoy the savings that come with xeriscaping designs. Xeriscape costs are higher upfront than turf costs, but their operating costs are dramatically lower. While they still need some attention, they cost much less to maintain than turf. Less turf means less money spent on lawn mowing, fertilizing and aerating.

Because these plants use less water, there’s also less stress on your irrigation system, resulting in a longer lasting system.

Xeriscape Plants Thrive in Tough Conditions

One of the principles of xeriscaping is to work with your environment, not against it. Instead of forcing plants to grow in unsuitable environments, you choose the right plants for your soil.

Since xeriscape plants are native to your area, they’re better able to resist disease and insect infestation. Drought tolerant plants can also withstand harsh temperature changes. While your competitors’ lawns turn brown and patchy in the hot summer months, your plants will look as vibrant as ever!

Xeriscape Landscaping Offers Incredible Design Potential

Sustainable landscape design doesn’t mean bland and barren. There are many drought tolerant plants that can lend character to your company’s exterior space. Choose from among many budding perennials, verdant shrubs, and hardy succulents. They’ll add color and texture to your property. Ornamental grasses can be used instead of traditional turf for low-maintenance greenery.

Mulching is an important element of xeriscape landscaping. It also offers amazing design potential. Choose a mix of colored stones or volcanic rocks to set your landscaping apart from the rest.

Xeriscaping Design Improves the Value of Your Property

Any quality landscaping improves property value but sustainable landscape design does so better. Save time and money by investing in xeriscape landscaping.

If you want to know more about which plants will thrive on your property—reach out. Our friendly and experienced staff is here to help. With limitless design options, you can boost your curb appeal and improve your property’s value.